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Vegetarian Enchiladas for Cinco de Mayo

We have vegetarian enchiladas on the takeout menu for Cinco de Mayo and even for Seis de Mayo if we don’t sell out today!

Vegetarian Enchiladas: 
Blue corn* tortillas filled with many local and organic veggies, Monterey Jack cheese, fresh house enchilada sauce, topped with regional sour cream and guacamole, on a bed of lettuce. Add free-range chicken* or grass-fed beef* chorizo from Nectar Hills Farm.

New York Cheese Steak with grass-fed, top-round roast beef* from Nectar Hills Farm, w/ peppers, onions,* Palatine provolone cheese, on a Heidelberg baguette.
New York Cheese Steak with grass-fed, top-round roast beef* from Nectar Hills Farm, w/ peppers, onions,* Palatine provolone cheese, on a Heidelberg baguette.

If you’re a fan of our burritos, they’re great for Cinco de Mayo as well, either vegetarian, chicken,* or grass-fed beef. And if Mexican food isn’t your thing, we have our famous New York cheesesteak!

We’re back on our regular schedule now: open noon to 7 pm, closed Wednesday and Thursday.

We’d like to thank Otsego 2000 for listing us on their new website, Otsego Outdoors–a growing database of outdoor activities in Otsego county.

Good to Go Farm-to-Counter is a multi-member LLC. Equity shares are still available: you can own 0.1% of the LLC for $100. Good to Go wouldn’t exist without our local investors, especially those who crowdfunded our little takeout restaurant when it was just a dream. Find out more about owning part of our company on our get involved page.

Cooperstown Crier Covers Good to Go Grant

The Cooperstown CrierThe Cooperstown Crier ran a story about Good to Go’s micro-enterprise grant yesterday.

Good to Go, a new farm-to-counter takeout restaurant in Cherry Valley, has been awarded a $22,100 micro-enterprise grant from Otsego County. Good to Go focuses on local, regional, organic and other healthy food.

The story focuses on our finances and mentions that we’re still looking for investors. It also mentions our commitment to local and organic food, and why we think it’s important to feature local food–it’s fresher, healthier, better for the environment, and by featuring local food, we can keep our money in the local community.

The story also mentions our commitment to grass-fed meats, which are better for you, the animal, and the planet.

Cooperstown Crier Story on Good to Go

Egg Rolls
Organic Egg Rolls

Welcome, Cooperstown Crier readers! The Crier’s story about Good to Go in today’s paper was written by Sam Aldridge, and includes quotes from an interview with Robin and Scott. Here’s an excerpt:

If you are lover of organic food, a fan of local produce, or occasionally at a loss for a tasty imaginative nosh, there will soon be an alternative.

The little red storefront nestled in the center of Cherry Valley, where the Nectar Hills Farm store once operated, will once again be open in the spring, but with a new business: Good To Go.

Created by Robin Supak, Good To Go will be a takeout restaurant offering a selection of healthy, organic and affordable food.

If you’d like to know more about investing in our start up farm-to-counter takeout restaurant, please visit the get involved page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing: Scott at Supak dot com, or Robin at Supak dot com.