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Turkey BLT with caramelized onions
Turkey BLT with caramelized onions and fresh mozzarella.

If you’re ready to purchase shares of our start-up company, send your check made payable to Robin Supak to:

Good to Go
17 ½ Main St
PO Box 395
Cherry Valley, NY 13320

Please include your name, address, email, and phone number (or we will use the information on the check as the member information). The minimum investment is $100. Scroll down for more information.

You can also send money via Dwolla (the least expensive way to send money on line, with all transactions $10 and under are free, and over $10 is only 25 cents per transaction). Sign up or log into your Dwolla account and send money to Scott Supak via this page.

If you prefer to pay the higher fees associated with sending money electronically by PayPal, you may send $100 for each share you’d like to purchase, via PayPal, to Or, you can use the Pay Pal form on any page of this site.

We know that many people in our community love to support organic and local agriculture. We see our take-out restaurant as a way for people to demonstrate that support. That’s why we are offering the community a way to get behind our endeavor by becoming members, or co-owners, of our new limited liability company: Good to Go Farm-to-Counter, LLC.

We are now selling shares in the multi-partner LLC. For more information about exactly how our business will be funded, and how it will operate, we encourage anyone interested in investing to read the Good to Go Business Plan (Word document, still being edited occasionally). You can also view the projected balance sheets, projected P & L statements, and cash flow forecasts at this link.

Appetizer: smoked trout on organic stone wheat crackers with organic arugula, cherry toms, chives, and mustard.
Appetizer: smoked trout on organic stone wheat crackers with organic arugula, cherry toms, chives, and mustard.

Shares are $100 each, and represent 0.1% of the company (you may buy more than one share). By law we are required to pay each member their share of the net profits every year. We will be buying back the shares over a 5 year period, sending out a check every quarter, beginning at the end of the 3rd quarter after opening, for 1/20th your investment.  After the last payment, your shares will revert to Robin Supak’s ownership and you will no longer own part of the company.

If you have any questions, email Scott at Supak dot com.

We hope to sell 200 shares to help us raise $20,000 for the business.  This community support will help us secure a small business loan from a local bank. It will also help us spread the word about Good to Go, because our co-owners have a vested interest in being our customers and word of mouth advertisers.

Egg Rolls
Oganic Egg Rolls

Another great way to get involved is to become one of our organic and local food suppliers. We are especially interested in local and regional organic produce, grains, grass-fed meats, eggs, and dairy. If you’re local but not organic (or not certified), we’d still like to talk (contact us) about what you have to offer our company. While we will strive to serve certified organic food from as close to Cherry Valley as possible, we realize this won’t always be possible. In that case, we’d like to be as local or regional as possible.

If you have any other suggestions about how we might encourage members of our community to get involved with Good to Go, please leave a comment! We’d also appreciate community input on what kinds of food and beverages you’d like to have available.  Please read the Good to Go Business Plan to see what kind of food we plan to offer, and contact us with your ideas!


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