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Good to Go in 2015

Goat cheese and bunapi mushroom stuffed squash blossoms.
Goat cheese and bunapi mushroom stuffed squash blossoms.

Hi, Everyone:

Happy New Year! 2015 is an exciting one here in Cherry Valley. The Little Restaurant That Could has been building support and Good To Go is just beginning to chug up the hard part of the mountain. In a few weeks we are going to apply for a loan, and we are not quite where we need to be investor-wise.

I’m hoping this mail will draw the attention of all the wonderful folks that said they were interested last year, but haven’t yet done the Paypal, Dwolla, or sent a check. Every hundred helps.

To my dear list of investors, we appreciate your support and patience with the project. Anyone you can encourage to follow your lead would be greatly appreciated.

I dream the dream every minute of every day, and I look forward to when money isn’t in the way of getting started.

In Health Food I Trust,

Invest in Local Organic Food via Dwolla

Giant White Castle style burger
Giant White-Castle-style, grass-fed beef burger with organic dehydrated onions and a side of organic veggies.

We’ve added an electronic payment option for anyone who wants to get involved by investing in our sustainable, organic, slow food, take out restaurant.

Shares are $100 (0.1% of the company) and available to friends, family, and community members interested in helping us help local and organic farmers by creating more demand for their food.

We prefer to send money via Dwolla (the least expensive way to send money on line, with all transactions $10 and under are free, and over $10 is only 25 cents per transaction). Sign up or log into your Dwolla account and send money to Scott Supak via this page.

If you plan to become a customer of Good to Go once we open, we will be using Dwolla as a payment system as well. It’s the least expensive electronic way to buy our local and organic food.