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Grass-fed Beef Chili Is Back

Our grass-fed beef, Texas-style chili is back on the takeout menu due to overwhelming demand!

If you’re looking for the opposite of leftover turkey, we have the perfect answer: grass-fed, Texas-style chili. We also have an all-organic green lentil* soup that comes with local perennial spinach* from Heron Hill Farm.

In keeping with the anti-turkey theme, we’ve sold out of the Hearth bone broth (a blend of turkey, chicken, and beef broths that we will have again soon), so we’ve replaced it with the straight grass-fed beef* bone broth made from Nectar Hills Farm beef bones.*

Texas-style Chili: 9 
Local, grass-fed ground beef with tomatoes,* onions,*
roasted peppers,* and lots of spices,* served with southern-style cornbread (no sugar).

Green Lentil* Soup: 6.5
Green lentils with local, perennial spinach* from Heron Hill Farm.

Beef Bone Broth:* 6.5
Grass-fed, Nectar Hills Farm beef* bone broth
with mushrooms and/or greens*

Good to Go is open from noon to 7pm every day except Wednesday and Thursday. Please see our takeout menu for the most up-to-date information.