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Spicy Texas-style Chili or Shrimp Paella

We’ve spiced up the Texas-style grass-fed beef* chili and it tops the Good to Go takeout menu this weekend.

The spicy Texas-style chili (no beans) can also top a stuffed Amish bell pepper (vegetarian on its own, stuffed with rice* and you can add Palatine cheese). Or, top the stuffed Amish bell pepper with wild-caught shrimp Paella.

Local, grass-fed beef* Chili or Paella on Stuffed Amish Peppers with rice* and Palatine cheese
Local, grass-fed beef* Chili or Paella on Stuffed Amish Peppers with rice* and Palatine cheese

Spicy Texas-Style Chili
Grass-fed, whole cow, Texas Longhorn ground beef* from Hu-Hill Farm in Fort Plain, homemade fresh tomato paste from Amish tomatoes,*  local veggies* and peppers,* and lots of spice! Topped with Palatine cheddar cheese and green onion.

Vegetarian Stuffed Amish Bell Peppers
Amish bell peppers stuffed with rice.* Can be topped with veggies, chili, and/or cheese.

Wild shrimp, chicken* and beef chorizo in a smoky wine sauce with vegetables* and white basmati* served over roasted local sweet bell pepper.*

Hu Hill Farm, Fort Plain, NY
Hu-Hill Farm, Fort Plain, NY

We have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. We can make any kind of order for your special occasions if given enough lead time.

We encourage local farmers to let us know what products you have available. Just stop by during business hours, give us a call, or message us on Facebook.

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Call ahead if you’d like to arrange a special order or a pickup time: 607-264-5025




Meatless Monday: Eggplant Parmesan is Good to Go

Thanks to a fresh batch of fresh, local eggplant that walked into Good to Go, we have eggplant Parmesan back on the takeout menu for meatless Monday.

Local Eggplant Parmesan is breaded with Heidelberg bread crumbs, topped w/ Galbani mozzarella, Parmesan, and house marinara (made with local tomatoes and local garlic).

This delicious dish is popular with vegetarians and makes a great choice for people trying to cut back on the amount of meat in their diet by observing meatless Mondays.

Good to Go is open from noon to 6pm, closed Wednesdays.



Open 2pm to 9pm Today for Cherry Valley Folk Fest

We’ll be open today from 2pm to 9pm for the Cherry Valley Folk Fest for Food.

We won’t be serving breakfast today, but the organic, fair-trade espresso milkshakes are back!

Local Eggplant Parmesan: breaded with Heidelberg bread crumbs, topped w/ Galbani mozzarella, Parm, and house marinara
Local Eggplant Parmesan

We’ve added two items to the menu:

  • Baked Mac and Cheese: with organic veggie radiatori pasta, local veggies, and homemade New York cheese sauce, topped with Nectar Hills Farm organic, grass-fed, wagyu beef chorizo $9. No chorizo: $8.
  • Organic, local greens w/ mushroom medley, $4.
  • Local Eggplant Parmesan: breaded with Heidelberg bread crumbs, topped w/ Galbani mozzarella, Parm, and house marinara, $7.

Tomorrow, Friday, August 19, we return to our regular hours of noon to 6pm. For now, we plan to be closed Wednesday, August 24. We will be open for the final Cherry Valley Folk Fest concert, Thursday, August 25, from 2pm to 9pm.



Open at Noon Tomorrow, August 16

Good to Go will open at noon tomorrow, August 16, and close around 6. We sold out of the NHF wagyu beef meatballs, so Robin’s New York Cheese Steak tops our takeout menu.

New York Cheese Steak
Organic, grass-fed roasted top round from Nectar Hills Farm, with local peppers, onions, and NY cheeses, on a Heidelberg Baguette.
add mixed mushrooms

For a limited time only, we have organic banana bread pudding topped with fresh, organic, grass-fed whipped cream and organic walnuts

We Are Officially Open and We Have a Takeout Menu

Good to Go is finally going! As you can see from the new link at the top of the page, we have a takeout menu now! Check it out here, or download the PDF version of the Good to Go Takeout Menu for printing.

Remember, the menu does change regularly, so be sure to check the board when you come in for specials and changes.

We will be open tonight during the Folk Fest in Cherry Valley (right across the street).

Here are some of our suppliers we’re featuring now: Nectar Hills Farm, Windy Hill Goat Farm, and Spurbeck’s Grocery (makers of the amazing, extra-aged, NY state cheddar).