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Baked Mac and Cheese

Good to Go is open today (we’re usually closed Thursdays) and we’ve added a baked mac and cheese featuring Palatine Cheese muenster and cheddar to our takeout menu.

Baked Mac and Cheese
Baked macaroni* and cheese featuring Palatine Cheese muenster and cheddar sauce. Served next to green beans, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes sauteed with julienne black forest turkey ham.

Beef or Chicken Burrito
Robin’s Cal-Mex style burritos with chicken* or grass-fed beef. Vegetarians and vegans can substitute mushrooms. On whole wheat tortillas.

Beef* and Goat* Bone Broth
Grass-fed beef* and goat* (Nectar Hills Farm) bone broth with fixings (greens/onion/mushrooms).

Vegetarian/Vegan Garlic Minestrone
Classic minestrone with Chiba (local) garlic, veggie broth,* veggie radiatore pasta,* lots of veggies.* Can be topped with cheese or have chicken added.

See our takeout menu for prices and more information.

We will go back to our usual schedule starting Wednesday, March 1st, when we will be closed.

Good to Go Farm-to-Counter is a multi-member LLC and we’re still selling equity shares through our crowd-funding. You can own 0.1% of the LLC for $100 and help us survive the winter. Good to Go wouldn’t exist without our local investors, especially those who bought shares when our little takeout restaurant was just a dream. Find our more about owning a part of our company on our get involved page.

Texas-style Chili and Chili Mac

We have, at long last, added our Texas-style chili to the Good to Go takeout menu.

Texas-style Chili
Grass-fed ground chuck* from Nectar Hills Farm with tomatoes,* onions,* roasted peppers,* and lots of spices,* served with bread. 8

Grass-fed beef chili on top of baked mac and cheese.
Grass-fed beef chili on top of baked mac and cheese.

Chili Mac
You can have the chili on top of our baked mac and cheese for a delicious chili mac! 6.5

Good to Go is open noon to 7pm, closed Wednesday and Thursday

* Denotes organic.