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Lamb Stew

New to the Good to Go takeout menu this week: Robin’s take on an Irish lamb stew and some green organic cookies!

If you’re having trouble seeing us over the giant piles of snow, we’re just behind the main trench on the north side of Main Street, right across Main from the bank!

Lamb stew
Silverpoint Farm (local, grass-fed) Lamb Stew with veggies,* Danish peas,* and barley.

Organic Green Tea White Chocolate Cookies
All organic Matcha green tea cookies with white chocolate chunks.

Organic Green Tea (Matcha) White Chocolate Cookies
All organic green tea (Matcha) white chocolate cookies

Good to Go is open noon to 7 pm, closed Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you have a large order, just call a few days ahead and we can make just about anything you want!

Good to Go Farm-to-Counter is a multi-member LLC and we’re still selling equity shares through our crowd-funding. You can own 0.1% of the LLC for $100 and help us survive the winter. Good to Go wouldn’t exist without our local investors, especially those who bought shares when our little takeout restaurant was just a dream. Find our more about owning a part of our company on our get involved page.