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New York Cheese Steak

New York cheese steak tops the Good to Go takeout menu for Labor Day weekend.

The sliced, roasted, grass-fed, organic top round roast is from Nectar Hills Farm. The provolone cheese is from Palatine Dairy. The onions and peppers are grown in NY. And the Baguette is from Heidelberg Bread.

We’re back to our regular hours which are noon to 7 pm Friday through Tuesday, closed Wednesday and Thursday.

We have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

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Call ahead if you’d like to arrange a special order or a pickup time: 607-264-5025

Sweet Chervil Braised Cod

We have a different kind of fish for Friday’s takeout menu: a sweet chervil braised cod!

Thanks to Chervillian (Cherry Valley-ian) Sue Miller of the Plaide Palette for the local sweet chervil (Myrrhis odorata, cicely, sweet cicely, myrrh, or garden myrrh).

We still have some NY cheesesteak, if you prefer something a bit heavier.

New York Cheese Steak with grass-fed, top-round roast beef* from Nectar Hills Farm, w/ peppers, onions,* Palatine provolone cheese, on a Heidelberg baguette.
New York Cheese Steak with grass-fed, top-round roast beef* from Nectar Hills Farm, w/ peppers, NY onions, Palatine provolone cheese, on a Heidelberg baguette.

Sweet Chervil Braised Cod
Wild caught cod braised in local sweet chervil and almond milk,* with buttered cauliflower, cumin carrots, snow peas, and couscous.

New York Cheesesteak
Grass-fed roast beef from Nectar Hills Farm, peppers, NY onions, and Palatine provolone cheese, on a Heidelberg baguette.

We have vegan and vegetarian options. See our takeout menu for more information.

Good to Go is open noon to 7 pm. We’re closed on Wednesday and Thursday (Friday is our Monday). With enough advance time, we can prepare just about anything you want for your party or get together. Just call 607-264-5025.

Organic Grass-fed Beef Cheesesteak

We know you missed us, so we made organic grass-fed beef cheesesteak!

Our cheesesteak is made with organic, grass-fed, top round beef roast from Nectar Hills Farm. It comes with peppers,* local onions, fresh mozzarella and Palatine provolone cheese, and it’s on a Heidelberg baguette.

Also on the Good to Go takeout menu, we have the chicken or beef (same top round roast as the cheesesteak) burritos. This week’s bone broth is organic, free-range chicken.  And we have a fresh batch of vegan minestrone, to which you can add Italian cheese and/or free-range chicken.*

We will be open for the next seven days (noon to 7 pm), until Wednesday, May 10, at which point we’ll be back on our regular schedule of closing Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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