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Shiitake Short Ribs

We have a delicious tongue twister today: Sake and soy braised shiitake short ribs!

Shiitake Short Ribs
Nectar Hills Farm grass-fed beef* short-ribs, sake & soy-braised, with shiitake mushrooms and Asian greens, on rice noodles

Our other special at the moment is three fish tacos for $10: Wild-caught cod on a hard or soft corn tortilla, with fixings.

Fish Tacos: wild-caught cod on a hard or soft corn tortilla.
Fish Tacos: wild-caught cod on a hard or soft corn tortilla.

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Thai Beef with Mint leaves and Chiles

Thai beef with mint leaves and chiles will warm you up on this snowy day!

Our mint leaves and chili is made with Nectar Hills Farm grass-fed, top round beef* strips stir-fried with red and green hot chiles,* basil,* and mint.* It’s served on a bed of sticky rice,* with a side of green beans* and brussels sprouts in peanut sauce.*

Please be extra careful on your trip to Cherry Valley for a serving of this spicy Thai food. We are under a winter storm warning today.

We also have a fresh batch of grass-fed beef* and goat* bone broth, which was very popular last time.

Good to Go is open noon to 7 pm, closed Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you have a large order, just call a few days ahead and we can make just about anything you want!

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