Good to Go Farm-to-Counter takeout food to go in Cherry Valley, NY, between Cooperstown and Sharon Springs.

Get Involved

Solar Eclipse on the Good to Go Sign
Solar Eclipse on the Good to Go Sign

One great way to get involved is to become one of our organic and local food suppliers. We are especially interested in local and regional organic produce, grains, grass-fed meats, eggs, and dairy. If you’re local but not organic (or not certified), we’d still like to talk (contact us) about what you have to offer our company. While we will strive to serve certified organic food from as close to Cherry Valley as possible, we realize this won’t always be possible. In that case, we’d like to be as local or regional as possible.

If you have any other suggestions about how we might encourage members of our community to get involved with Good to Go, please leave a comment! We’d also appreciate community input on what kinds of food and beverages you’d like to have available.


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