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Stew. Beef Stew.

All organic, grass-fed, Hu-Hill beef stew tops the Good to Go takeout menu this week.

Stew. Beef Stew.
Beef stew made with Hu-Hill Farm Texas Longhorn kabob and cheek meat,* local red potatoes,* NY onions,* carrots,* and peas.* Served with Heidelberg baguette.

We have also got more of the animal welfare approved, local, grass-fed, 100% beef hot dogs from Larry’s Custom Meats in Hartwick, NY.

Local, Grass-fed Beef Hot Dogs
Locally-raised and made, certified humane, grass-fed beef hot dogs from Larry’s Custom Meats in Hartwick. They’re served on a Heidelberg bun, with your choice of NY onions, pickles, ketchup,* and mustard.* (ask about other toppings)

Grass-fed Beef* Hot Dog: An organic, grass-fed hot dog on a Heidelberg bun, served with kale slaw and house pickles.
Grass-fed Beef* Hot Dog: A local, grass-fed, all beef hot dog on a Heidelberg bun, served with kale slaw and choices of toppings.

We have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. We can make any kind of order for your special occasions if given enough lead time.

We encourage local farmers to let us know what products you have available. Just stop by during business hours, give us a call, or message us on Facebook.

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Call ahead if you’d like to arrange a special order or a pickup time: 607-264-5025