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Grass-fed Beef Meatloaf

Grass-fed beef meatloaf returns to the Good to Go takeout menu to warm your bones on a cold winter’s day.


5 year old Palatine cheddar cheese melt with apple and greens, house mustard, on sourdough
The Doctor’s Order: 5-year-old Palatine cheddar cheese melt with apple* and greens,* house mustard,* on Heidelberg sourdough. Optional chicken.*

Grass-fed Beef Meatloaf
Served with two-tone mashed potatoes,* peas,* carrots,* and onions, topped with mushroom gravy.

Good to Go is open from noon to 7 pm. We’re closed Wednesday and Thursday.

Good to Go Farm-to-Counter is a multi-member LLC and we’re still selling equity shares through our crowd-funding. You can own 0.1% of the LLC for $100 and help us survive the winter. Find our more on our get involved page.