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Eggs Benedict for a Short Sunday

Good to Go is doing Eggs Benedict only today, Sunday, September 25.

We will be open shorter hours than usual today–from noon to 3pm, September 25. We’re offering, for the first time, one menu item only: Robin’s famous Eggs Benedict, on organic English muffins, with organic Amish eggs, organic veggies, Black Forest turkey ham, and, of course, Hollandaise sauce. All drinks, including smoothies and milkshakes, are still available, but the only food item on the menu will be the Eggs Benedict.

We will return to our regular noon to 6pm hours on Monday, September 26th, with our currently posted takeout menu.

We will be taking an extra day off this week by closing on Tuesday, September 27th, in addition to Wednesday, September 28th. We will go back to our regular takeout menu on Thursday, September 29th.

Breakfast Burritos Now on The Takeout Menu

Robin's organic grass-fed beef and organic free-range eggs breakfast burrito
Organic grass-fed beef and organic free-range eggs breakfast burrito

The newest addition to our ever-changing Good to Go takeout menu is breakfast burritos!

2 Breakfast Burritos
Roasted, organic, local peppers and chilies, local onions, cremini mushrooms, organic potatoes, New York cheeses, house salsa, organic cage-free eggs, on whole wheat tortillas
Add Nectar Hills Farm organic grass-fed beef:

Our regular hours, for now, are noon to 6pm, closed Wednesdays.

Open at Noon Tomorrow, August 16

Good to Go will open at noon tomorrow, August 16, and close around 6. We sold out of the NHF wagyu beef meatballs, so Robin’s New York Cheese Steak tops our takeout menu.

New York Cheese Steak
Organic, grass-fed roasted top round from Nectar Hills Farm, with local peppers, onions, and NY cheeses, on a Heidelberg Baguette.
add mixed mushrooms

For a limited time only, we have organic banana bread pudding topped with fresh, organic, grass-fed whipped cream and organic walnuts