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Asian Fusion Chicken Soup with Handmade Noodles

Asian fusion chicken soup (limited supply, made by guest chef Kevin Tobler) tops the Good to Go takeout menu today, along with our Texas-style chili which can also be served on top of a baked mac and cheese made with Palatine cheddar.


All organic biscotti cookies from Good to Go with NY flour,* almonds,* and fair trade chocolate.*
All-organic biscotti cookies from Good to Go with NY flour,* almonds,* and fair trade chocolate.*

We also have plenty of biscotti,* which are perfect for the holiday season as treats or stocking stuffers.

Guest Chef Kevin Tobler’s Asian Fusion Chicken* Soup
Handmade Asian noodles in chicken broth* with many Asian veggies,* oyster mushrooms, and free-range chicken*

Texas-style Chili
Local, grass-fed ground beef with tomatoes,* onions,*
roasted peppers,* and lots of spices,* served with bread

Baked Mac and Cheese
Pasta, local veggies,* and homemade Palatine New York cheddar cheese sauce (can be topped with chili)

Pasta e Fagioli
Penne pasta,* veggies,* greens,* cannellini beans,* and parmesan/pecorino Romano cheese (can add garlic bread)

Good to Go is open from noon to 7pm. We’re closed Wednesday and Thursday.

Good to Go Farm-to-Counter, LLC, is crowdfunded by our friends and neighbors. We still have equity shares (which make a great Christmas gift) available if you would like to own part of the company. Please visit the get involved page for more information.


Grass-fed Beef Chili Is Back

Our grass-fed beef, Texas-style chili is back on the takeout menu due to overwhelming demand!

If you’re looking for the opposite of leftover turkey, we have the perfect answer: grass-fed, Texas-style chili. We also have an all-organic green lentil* soup that comes with local perennial spinach* from Heron Hill Farm.

In keeping with the anti-turkey theme, we’ve sold out of the Hearth bone broth (a blend of turkey, chicken, and beef broths that we will have again soon), so we’ve replaced it with the straight grass-fed beef* bone broth made from Nectar Hills Farm beef bones.*

Texas-style Chili: 9 
Local, grass-fed ground beef with tomatoes,* onions,*
roasted peppers,* and lots of spices,* served with southern-style cornbread (no sugar).

Green Lentil* Soup: 6.5
Green lentils with local, perennial spinach* from Heron Hill Farm.

Beef Bone Broth:* 6.5
Grass-fed, Nectar Hills Farm beef* bone broth
with mushrooms and/or greens*

Good to Go is open from noon to 7pm every day except Wednesday and Thursday. Please see our takeout menu for the most up-to-date information.

Meatless Monday: Eggplant Parmesan is Good to Go

Thanks to a fresh batch of fresh, local eggplant that walked into Good to Go, we have eggplant Parmesan back on the takeout menu for meatless Monday.

Local Eggplant Parmesan is breaded with Heidelberg bread crumbs, topped w/ Galbani mozzarella, Parmesan, and house marinara (made with local tomatoes and local garlic).

This delicious dish is popular with vegetarians and makes a great choice for people trying to cut back on the amount of meat in their diet by observing meatless Mondays.

Good to Go is open from noon to 6pm, closed Wednesdays.



Open 2pm to 9pm Today for Cherry Valley Folk Fest

We’ll be open today from 2pm to 9pm for the Cherry Valley Folk Fest for Food.

We won’t be serving breakfast today, but the organic, fair-trade espresso milkshakes are back!

Local Eggplant Parmesan: breaded with Heidelberg bread crumbs, topped w/ Galbani mozzarella, Parm, and house marinara
Local Eggplant Parmesan

We’ve added two items to the menu:

  • Baked Mac and Cheese: with organic veggie radiatori pasta, local veggies, and homemade New York cheese sauce, topped with Nectar Hills Farm organic, grass-fed, wagyu beef chorizo $9. No chorizo: $8.
  • Organic, local greens w/ mushroom medley, $4.
  • Local Eggplant Parmesan: breaded with Heidelberg bread crumbs, topped w/ Galbani mozzarella, Parm, and house marinara, $7.

Tomorrow, Friday, August 19, we return to our regular hours of noon to 6pm. For now, we plan to be closed Wednesday, August 24. We will be open for the final Cherry Valley Folk Fest concert, Thursday, August 25, from 2pm to 9pm.



We Are Officially Open and We Have a Takeout Menu

Good to Go is finally going! As you can see from the new link at the top of the page, we have a takeout menu now! Check it out here, or download the PDF version of the Good to Go Takeout Menu for printing.

Remember, the menu does change regularly, so be sure to check the board when you come in for specials and changes.

We will be open tonight during the Folk Fest in Cherry Valley (right across the street).

Here are some of our suppliers we’re featuring now: Nectar Hills Farm, Windy Hill Goat Farm, and Spurbeck’s Grocery (makers of the amazing, extra-aged, NY state cheddar).


How Do You Like Our Takeout Restaurant So Far?

Hello, real food lovers. At long last, we can say with confidence that Good to Go takeout restaurant will be opening this summer.

Good to Go takeout restaurant in Cherry Valley NY near Cooperstown and Sharon Springs
Before: The beginning of Good to Go takeout restaurant in Cherry Valley, NY

Every day it feels more real, and I am beaming with anticipation. The dream, so powerfully specific, is coming into laser focus, more so than a health food joint in Cherry Valley, New York, in 2016 might ever have expected.

Good to Go takeout restaurant in Cherry Valley near Sharon Springs and Cooperstown, NY
Now: Good to Go takeout restaurant is taking shape!

Looks good so far, doesn’t it?  The appliances fit VERY cozily on one side. On the other side, hot and cold water is running to a stunning array of sinks.

Meanwhile, our logo is “about to pop,” and the final push to sell the last 53 shares begins now.

Here’s what we need to open our doors:

  • a backsplash
  • floor sealant
  • an 8′ X 2′ edged, hinged counter
  • a cash register
  • a coffee/condiment station
  • insurance
  • starting inventory

Five thousand dollars is a serious sum, but it’s not insurmountable. Compared to the total investment so far (two years of our lives, a $22,000 vote of confidence by the county, and 40 individual shareholders), selling the last 50 shares (out of the original 200) becomes manageable. And it has to happen in the next couple of weeks.

Looking, briefly, at the demographics of our shareholders so far:

  • 28 owners of a single share
  • 5 couples that have bought 2 shares
  • Nationally, we have shareholders (not all of them family, LOL) in these states; Maine, North Carolina, New Jersey, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Texas, and California
  • *NEW* Internationally, I’d like to welcome Jasmine Hatami, a brilliant artist (and our daughter’s namesake), who resides in London, and has been a class act in my heart since 1978
  • Locally:
    • Foremost, Sonia Sola of Nectar Hills Farm, my favorite farm in the world. Sonia planted this dream in me, so “¡Of course!” it will flourish beautifully
    • In Cooperstown, we have heavyweights Rog & Dot Smith of Spurbeck’s, and the smart and soulful Angelica Palmer of Green Circle Accounting
    • Our talented and beautiful friend Vickie Whicker in Burlington Flats
    • Three wonderful women and mothers in the Roseboom area: Maureen Newman, Donna Harnett (buying another share in April, TY!), and Mrs. (Mary) Robinson
    • Springfield Town Supervisor Bill Elsey and family
    • *NEW* Jim Wolff, not afraid to put his local money where his mouth is, representing Fly Creek (with thanks to Sam Ross for the post that helped it happen)
    • Just nine, unfortunately, in Cherry Valley, counting one who is no longer here, again, unfortunately, but will surely visit. Other beloved Chervillian shareholders are Bill Issac, Kathy Minnig, Shirley Shue, Karen and Charlie Kremer, Ken Clark, Cody Alabach, Emy and Rich Frasca, Harriet Spear, and the devoted Dr. Michael Geci

I’m counting on folks here to buy food from me, of course, so I’ll give them a break, but it sure would be nice if some of the folks that promised to join us “eventually” would do so now.  If you know anyone in this considerable crowd, please encourage them to buy a share, or share a share with someone.

Please remember, we will be doing the paperwork for everyone, so it isn’t something you, or they, will have to worry about at all.  We’ll send the tax form for your profits (schedule K-1) with your annual share-of-the-profits check. Also, please remember the biscotti and grass-fed jerky (and probably lots of other things) are very mail-able.

As for me, I see my future, deliciously unbounded, and look forward to making bodies smile strongly for years to come.

Thank you,
In Food I Trust,