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Chicken Saltimbocca “Jumps in Mouth”

Chicken Saltimbocca means “jumps in mouth” in Italian, and it’s our newest addition to the always-changing Good to Go takeout menu.

Our saltimbocca is made from Coleman’s chicken breast* stuffed with black forest turkey ham and Palatine provolone, on a bed of parmesan & pecorino Romano mushroom risotto and sautéed spinach.

We also have a vegan/vegetarian classic minestrone with veggie broth,* cut ziti pasta, lots of veggies,* and it can be topped with cheese and we can add chicken.*

Good to Go is open from noon to 7pm. We’re closed Wednesday and Thursday.

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Vegan Food and Vegetarian Options

Vegan food and vegetarian options on the Good to Go takeout menu this weekend: smoky sherry split pea soup or red beans and rice.

Vegan red beans* on a bed of rice* w/ veggies.*
Vegan red beans* on a bed of rice* w/ veggies.*

Here at Good to Go, we do our best to offer vegetarian and vegan food options. This weekend we have smoky sherry split pea soup* with Heidelberg baguette or southern-style cornbread.* Or, we also have vegan red beans and rice* which comes topped with vegetables.*

* Denotes organic.

Smoky Sherry Split Pea Soup
Split green pea* soup with veggies.* Vegan and gluten-free.
w/ homemade southern-style corn bread* or Heidelberg baguette

Red Beans and Rice
Vegetarian red beans* on a bed of rice* w/ veggies.*
Add chicken:*

See our takeout menu for the most up-to-date information including prices.

Good to Go is open from noon to 7pm, closed Wednesday and Thursday.